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Harry Evans Sports Therapy specialise in the assessment and rehabilitation of sports injuries, regardless of age or ability. From grade 1 strains to season-ending ruptures and everything in-between, Harry's client focused approach will give you all the support and guidance you need whilst achieving the outcomes you desire.

Alongside the bespoke injury rehabilitation service, Harry also has a wide-range of services tailored to aid recovery, improve performance and help keep you injury-free. From sports massage to IASTM to assisted stretching, these sessions have been extremely beneficial to clients of all abilities, no matter the goal.

After all, you don't have to be a professional athlete to be treated like one.

Injuries can be frustrating and the only thing worse than being in constant pain is the inability to do what you love. In addition to working with injuries first hand on a daily-basis and successfully helping hundreds of clients return to activity following injury, Harry has been through the process himself so understands not only the physical but also the psychological factors involved in the process of overcoming injury.


During your consultation, Harry takes great care in understanding not only the injury and what needs to be done in order to recover, but your goals, any possible barriers, before coming up with a solution that is perfect for you. Overcoming injury can be difficult, that's why at Harry Evans Sports Therapy, there is a focus on supporting the client throughout every step of the process. 

Due to the nature of this service and striving to provide not only the best level of service but the best results for each individual, there are only a certain number of injury clients Harry can take on at a time, so appointments are limited.

Harry Evans Sports Therapy's full service list can be found via the 'BOOK NOW' button.

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