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Please find below testimonials kindly left by clients that I have had the pleasure of working with.

Jon Shield - Ice Ultra_edited.jpg

I have been going to see Harry for quite some time now, I am an Ultramarathon Runner so I run a lot of long distances and do lots of gym work. Seeing Harry regularly helps me train with more volume, running 100 plus mile weeks, especially in the mountains. Harry is very knowledgeable, and I thoroughly recommend him.

Jon Shield
Ultramarathon Runner

Since competing in Hulls’ Strongest Man, I have not been able to train my upper body due to tendinopathy in my right bicep and tightness in my forearm. I’d been experiencing pain and discomfort even in general day to day activities. 


After an assessment and treatment with Harry, the difference in the arm already is like night and day! After only a couple of days I’ve been able to start training upper body again without pain. 

Harry has written me a detailed rehabilitation plan that I’ll be getting stuck into and I look forward to working with him further especially in the lead up to my next comp.

Luke Weaver


Shin splints practically disappeared after my first session, then came back due to repetitive strain, had another session and the pain has become minimal again. Excellent advice alongside and goes above and beyond for your recovery.

Ben Adams

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